Life's a journey Christmas card 2018.jpg

Life’s a Journey


Ernest Hemingway said: “ It’s good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end “. The last couple of years we have been privileged to play a small part of a particular journey that some people have started and to thank them, we’ve chosen these semi-finished wedding rings as theme for the 2018 Christmas card.  


We initially started to make jewellery for our close friends and family, making them part of the journey from the design to the finished piece. But we added much more. 


We make sure that these symbols of love and passion are created in the right conditions, with carefully sourced diamonds directly from responsible diamond manufacturers and with jewellery handmade by artisans using the most developed techniques. The stones carry international recognized certificates and our Antwerp based atelier is recognized as world class with European and Swiss hallmark.


Last but not least, because we limit overhead and marketing spend, our pieces have a true value, say a durable investment, which one can transmit from one generation to the other. That’s why our brand carries no logo, the value is in the materials and craftmanship! 


We hope we can onboard you on this magnificent journey and wish each of you a blessed and exciting continuation of yours. 


Have a Peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year !